Focus Plus Theme Cashback Program

Purchase more, pay less and less.

Focus Plus theme for HubSpot costs $499.

But wait! If it's your 2nd purchase for another website you work on, the good news is that you can get your $50 back.

What's more, after your 3rd purchase, we'll give your $100 back for each of your next purchases.

This is the Focus Plus Theme Cashback Program.


Register easily with your name & email.

Interested in taking advantage of the Cashback Program and enjoying the lower prices? All you need to do is filling out the tiny form below on this page. This will let us associate the purchases with your HubSpot account so we can cashback the correct person.

Anyone can join any time. No fees, no special terms.

We simply want to encourage you to use Focus Plus theme in all of your HubSpot website projects.

Count me in!

How does the Cashback Program work?

It's pretty simple!

1. You pay $499 for your 1st Focus Plus theme purchase. (Stage 1/3)

2. For your 2nd and 3rd purchases, again you pay $499 for each but this time you get your $50 back. So the theme price will be $449 for these purchases. (Stage 2/3)

3. And finally, your 4th purchase and the next ones will be $399 because you'll get your $100 back each time. (Stage 3/3)

Example: Let's say you'll purchase 10 Focus Plus themes in time. Normally, you'll pay $4,990 total. If you join the cashback program, you'll pay $4,190. So you'll save $800! (More math: Your savings would be $100 for the first 3 purchases and $300 for the first 5 purchases.)

Why does this program exist?

We want you be our long term customer! The more you use our theme, the more we collect feedback from you and eventually this leads us reach a better product. Therefore, it's a small incentive to encourage you to use Focus Plus theme in your future projects.

Additionally, this program helps growing our database which includes digital & marketing agencies, freelancers and creatives.

How do I join the program?

Just fill out the tiny registration form below on this page. If we need further information, we'll let you know.

Is it free to join the program?

Yes, of course! We're offering the money to you, not asking it from you!

I already purchased Focus Plus theme before. Can I still join?

Yes! You can join the program at any stage. For example, if you've already purchased 1 license before your registration, this means you are at Stage 2/3 and you'll get your $50 back in your next purchase and so on. But keep in mind that you can't get a cashback for your previous purchases.

What if I request a refund for one of the themes I've purchased?

No problem! You're still in the club. We'll simply adjust your existing stage and evaluate your next purchases accordingly.

Can I get a cashback for my previous purchases?

While you can join the program at any stage, unfortunately it's not possible to get a cashback for your previous purchases.

Why don't you provide a discount coupon instead of cashback?

Because HubSpot hasn't got a discount tool for now. So we have to charge you the full purchase price at first, and then issue a partial refund. That's why we call this the Cashback Program! 😊

Register for Focus Plus Theme Cashback Program

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