Focus Plus Theme Release Notes

Version 19

Version 18

  • MASSIVE update for Website header module: 11 new layouts, tons of styling options and much more.
  • MASSIVE update for the sticky bar: Floating bar, tons of styling options and much more.
  • Various improvements for Breadcrumb, Social accounts and Team members modules.
  • New module: Anchor point.
  • Additional settings for blog posts.
  • Overall styling improvements and updates.
  • Stability and coding improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 17

  • Marquee module improvements.
  • Styling improvements for language switcher.
  • Badge design and content alignment options for Team members module.
  • Font Awesome 6.4.2 support.
  • Twitter to X migration.
  • SEO improvements for blog Author and Tag pages.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 16

  • Image gallery module now works better on mobile.
  • You can now set a minimum height for your cards in Cards module.
  • Active menu item color option added for mobile.
  • Additional date formats.
  • You can make the ‘Back to top’ button circle now.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 15

  • New language switcher style added.
  • New date format options added.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 14

Version 13

Version 12

Version 11

  • Category and tag information added to modules.
  • Various improvements to meet the latest HubSpot CMS requirements.
  • A bug fixed where date formats are different in blog pages.
  • A bug fixed where Hero slider module image size is broken.

Version 10

  • Various options and settings added for Blog pages.

Version 9

  • You can now use images in Cards module.
  • Cards module now has additional options alignments and icon position.
  • Fancy header module now has width and decoration options.
  • Sticky bar colors have been seperated from mobile header colors.

Version 8

  • Home - 2 page template added.
  • Call-to-action with countdown, Cards, Clients with double sliders and Hero slider with background sections added.
  • Button with link module has now alignment options.
  • New date formats added to Events module as well as optional timezone and locale fields.
  • Increased flexibility for colors in various theme settings and modules.

Version 7

  • Recent blog posts section added.
  • You can now set different colors for each card in Cards module.
  • Recent blog posts module can now display most popular posts too.
  • Better usability in mobile view header.
  • Buttons in Website header module can now be added to the sticky bar in desktop view.
  • A bug has been fixed in Hero slider module where images cannot be displayed.
  • A bug has been fixed in List module where icon sizes are broken.

Version 6

Version 5

  • Map module has now styling options to add border, corner and shadow.
  • Styling tweaks.
  • Stability improvements.

Version 4

Version 3

  • All of the modules have a Styles tab now.
  • Section and template preview images have been optimized.
  • loading attribute added for the images in Testimonials module and Blog post page template.
  • Various improvements to meet the latest HubSpot CMS requirements.

Version 2

  • Contact - 2 page template added.
  • Blank page template added.
  • Map section added.
  • Cards, Number counters and Tabs modules now have icon size option for mobile.
  • Hero slider module now has borders, corners and shadow options.
  • CTA buttons now accepts custom class names.
  • Placement options added for Go to top and Feedback buttons.
  • Styling tweaks on blog post page template.
  • Improved usability for number fields in various settings.

Version 1

Initial release.